Calamari rings 350gm

Our calamari rings are healthy and tasty. They are a fun way to stock up on vital vitamins and minerals. Frozen at a fast pace and in IQF format, this reduces the rate of oxidation and keeps all the nutrients intact.

100 EGP
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Tuna Sashimi 300-500gm

The most common is akami, the deep red loins of the fish which are lean, firm and meaty. Higher up on the scale is toro, the pink, fatty belly meat, which is especially prized for its rich, buttery flavor.

600 EGP

Tuna Saku 300

Sushi or sashimi? Take your pick, because our tuna Saku is sushi grade and perfect for all sushi lovers; Nutritious and delicious. ( price according weight)

600 EGP

Crab Stick 250gm

Any sushi lover will be familiar with crab sticks. Add them to anything you desire, your sushi or salad. They will always make an excellent addition.

45 EGP