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Tuna Sashimi 220gm

The most common is akami, the deep red loins of the fish which are lean, firm and meaty. Higher up on the scale is toro, the pink, fatty belly meat, which is especially prized for its rich, buttery flavor.

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Smoked salmon 500gm

Norwegian Salmon of the highest quality, smoked to perfection. Indulge in this cold-smoked delicacy that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Pescado smoked salmon is the number 1 choice of the top chefs in Egypt.

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Smoked Balik Salmon

The Balik fillet is succulent and full of flavor, Using  only the finest salmon , sourced from the icy waters of Norway. 14% added tax

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Salmon Sashimi

Its bright orange flesh is tender, fatty and delicious. Sometimes you can find salmon toro on the menu, which - like its tuna counterpart - is the fattier belly portion of the fish.

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